An Interview With Tracey
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An Interview With Tracey

xX-The Interview-Xx

I: So how did you meet Julia Lea and Ananda?

T: I Met Ananda at our neighborhood park when she was walking her dog, we started talking and became good friends. And i met Lea through her. Julia i met at school in health class.

I: Cool! So how do you feel about all of them? Any issues at all?

T: Nahh, not really, i feels as if i have known them forver. They are like my sisters. We don't get into many fights.

I: Awesome. So what do you catigorize yourself and everyone else in the band?

T: Well, Lea is the Weirdo :P. Ananda is the crazy/boy crazy one, Julia, the excentric one, and me as the crazy/go for anything one. Im up to anything exciting.

I: Cool. Tell us a little about yourself.

T: Well, my friends say im a good listener and i usually help them thru stuff. They also say i have the best comebacks and i am really funnie. I enjoy skating in my free time. when im older i might be a photographer tho.

I: Neat! what kinda of skating do you do?

T: I skateboard with my pals. Im not too good, but my friends say im pretty good for a girl.

I: well thats awesome. Do you have any inspirations of musicians or skaters you look up to?

T: I have always been fond of Rodney Mullen, Elissa Steamer and Lauren Perkins as skating inspiratons/idols. And in the music industry, id have to say Chris Wilson, Mick from slipknot, Kurt Cobain, Amy Lee, and Sid Vicious.

I: Well thanx for the inter view. we'll see you soon!

T: Bye, and remember kids, Keep representin us, VENDETTA FOREVER!! \m/

xX-Represent Vendetta-Xx