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Pisstimistic and realistic

Should I fix it

Pass over my skin ticket!


Deniable Desirable

Who am I to kill her?

I'll re-enact a thriller

Raise a high hand for me

So I can see

Your disaphlixancy

This is starting out to be

A fairytale including me


Shutup and i'll give up

Always giving me the beauty she was

Always telling me how much she was loved

I'll live my life with her above


Raise a

[High hand for me]This is starting

[Out to be] Your

[Disaphlixancy] Raise a high hand

[Accapela] For me, This is starting out to be, Your Disaphlixancy!

NEW! song comming soon...

xX-Broken-Xx By Tracey Turner And Lea Stevens

Broken pieces,

Of a broken past,

put those back together,

and hope the love lasts.

people say its simple to mend a broken heart,

and to try and love again

like begining from the start.

Mending coldly,

holding tightly,

don't wanna wait until the end,

give me all of you attention

and i promise ill give in.

shouldnt it feel good when you come crashing down?

whilest i watch you bleed all over the ground,

while i sit and stare at you in pain.

and then suddenly it begins to rain,

i just look at you talk your last coaping breath,

watching when you sunddenly left.

Judgement Against Me By:Tracey Turner

Every morning when i wake up,
the first thing i see,
is me looking in the mirror right back at me
as i think about what i could be
a pretty girl that nice guys all like to see.

And when i go to school the teachers think im a freak
they take one look at me and then chrish the geeks
i go to class the other kids just look around
while i sit still and daydream withmy eyes locked onto the ground.

People judge me by the way that i look
and when i think about all the dignity they took
it hurts on the inside of me
when i think of how much prettier i could be

i try not to think about it,
but it just comes to mind
cause everytime i want him,
he cant be mine.
and when i think of him i try to see
of everything that we could be.